Three Day Course

This three day course combines all of the features of the two day course on Signal Integrity and System Design with the one day course titled “Getting to 32 Gb/S, How to Design Very High Speed Differential Pairs.”

Course Content

This course is intended to expand on the issues involved in designing products that contain the following signaling protocols:

All forms of Ethernet connections.

This course is important to engineers and designers who are being asked to design PCBs and systems that have data channels operating above 1 Gb/S. It describes how to handle the very multiple (sometimes as many as 29) high current, low voltage supplies present in these new products. It also covers in detail how to design the transmission lines required by these signals in such a way that they have the bandwidth and low skew required for stable operation.

Who should attend this course?

Signal Integrity Engineers
Design Engineers
PCB Designers
EMI Engineers
PCB Fabricators
IC Designers
Test Engineers
Manufacturing Engineers
Engineering Technicians

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