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Speeding Edge offers several training courses intended to introduce new engineers to the issues related to successfully designing high speed electronic systems. These courses also serve to update the skills of practicing engineers who are confronted with the rapidly changing world of high speed electronics involved in products ranging from disc drives to terabit routers and supercomputers.

All of these courses are available as private on site courses. Occasionally, these courses are offered as public courses. The public offerings are posted on the Speeding Edge web site and announced through various media. The full description of each course follows below this list.

Any engineering professional who works with high speed design will understand the materials presented in all of the courses listed below. No advanced mathematics are required. In addition, the course fees for all of the courses described below include a copy of the course slides and a signed course certificate will be prepared for each student. In addition, a copy of relevant technical articles are provided on CD-ROM.


Lee Ritchey is considered to be one of the industry´s premier authorities on high speed PCB and system design and fabrication. He has participated in the design of more than 4,000 high speed PCBs ranging from PC mother boards and elevator controllers to the backplanes used in terabit routers. He is currently involved in the design of several super computer class products as well as video games and servers of all kinds. The course draws substantially from this real-time experience with state of the art components, fabricators and materials. It also draws heavily on the design of backplanes and daughter boards containing thousands of 2.4, 4.8 and 9.6 GB/S signal paths.

In 2004, Ritchey was a regular columnist for EE Times and he has written many articles on high speed design for trade publications such as EDN, Circuitree and PC Design. He is the author of the books, “Right the First Time, A Practical Handbook on PCB and System Design, Volume 1 and Volume 2,” published by Speeding Edge.

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Speeding Edge offers three one day courses intended to upgrade skills in specific areas. These are:

  • Power Delivery System Design
  • PCB Stackup Design- Optimizing Signal Integrity, Manufacturability and Reliability of a Printed Circuit Board
  • Getting to 32Gb/S, How to Design Very High Speed Differential Pairs


  • Signal Integrity and High Speed System Design


  • Three Day Signal Integrity and System Design Course with Special Emphasis on getting to 32Gb/S


One-Day Power Delivery System Design Class:

Speeding Edge is now offering a one-day power delivery system (PDS) design class as an on-site class. Today´s high-speed designs use a variety of power delivery components and successfully designing a PDS and the PCB into which is incorporated requires a thorough understanding of the overall power delivery system. In addition to reviewing the PDS components currently available; this course examines how to meet the conflicting goals of the PDS system and how to address power plane, impedance and overall system capacitance issues.
For more information, follow this link.

One-Day PCB Stack Up Design to Optimize Material Selection and Fabrication Techniques for Manufacturability, Reliability and Signal Integrity Class:

Successful fabrication of any PCB starts with selecting the right laminate materials and creating a stackup design that works. Today’s high-speed PCBs with their inherent signal integrity and power delivery requirements make it necessary to employ far more discipline in the choice of materials and the arrangement of layers in the stackup. For more information, follow this link.

One-Day Getting to 32Gb/S, How to Design Very High Speed Differential Pairs

This one day course is intended to cover all of the technical issues involved in the design of very high speed differential pair signal paths. This is a thorough treatment of all of the topics that must be considered in order to be successful as the speeds of differential pair signal paths continue to increase. For more information, follow this link.

Two-Day Signal Integrity and High Speed System Design Course

This comprehensive two-day course from High Speed Design´s “Ratchet Man” covers all key aspects of the high speed design process. If you can take only one course on this subject, this is the one for you.
For more information, follow this link.

Three-Day Signal Integrity and System Design Course with Special Emphasis on Getting to 32Gb/S

This three-day course combines all of the features of the two-day course on signal integrity and system design with the one-day course titled “Getting to 32Gb/s How to Design Very High Speed Differential Pairs. For more information, follow this link.

Speeding Edge’s Comprehensive History

Speeding Edge has provided training and consulting to many of the world´s leading electronic product development companies. In many instances, we have provided multiple training and consulting services over a span of several years.

Speeding Edge has provided consulting and//or traiing courses across the entire spectrum of the electronic hardware design market sector. These companies range from small start-ups to multimillion dollar, highly regarded and widely known suppliers of leading-edge technology solutions. For a complete lets of our customers, please click here.

Sample Comments From Students Who Have Attended Speeding Edge Courses:
“The principals taught and ‘tools’ learned in the High Speed Design course have proved very beneficial, enabling me to use a more thorough engineering approach to PCB layout.” Larry Hewitt, PCB Design Engineer, JTS Corporation

“Lee Ritchey’s course was the turning point in my understanding capacitance and EMI. I highly recommend this course to engineers and CAD designers who want to pass EMI tests with ample margins.” Jelena Larsen, CAD Specialist, 3COM Note:

Additional references can be obtained by contacting Speeding Edge